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Sisters Unite To Prevent Human Trafficking

Our religious communities and parish women's group educate and work to prevent local human trafficking. When we began to learn about the crisis of human trafficking in the U.S., we knew we needed a united effort to prevent cases and assist victims in our Archdiocese. The Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur partnered with 9 other congregations and a parish women’s group to take action. Since hotels, particularly during sports events, tend to be popular sites for exploitation, we have worked to educate over 70 hotel and motel managers about human trafficking. If they are open to helping, we give them bars of soap with trafficking hotline information. Our ministry has also made presentations to churches and civic groups and created curriculum for Catholic schools to raise awareness of human trafficking. We also extend the mercy and love of Christ to victims of trafficking through financial, emotional, and spiritual support. Our work to educate and prevent the injustice of human trafficking is our response to the Gospel call (Lk. 4:18) to “proclaim liberty to captives” and “let the oppressed go free.”