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Reducing Waste, Caring For Creation

We discovered that what we throw away can often be recycled or reused. Reducing waste helps care for creation. Inspired by the call to care for God’s creation, one of our parishioners helped us start a recycling program that aims to reduce the trash that fills our quickly depleting local landfill space. Here’s how our program works: We have a 96-gallon bin that gets filled with trash often considered hard to recycle. Our parish contributions are then sorted—and it often turns out that many items are not trash at all!  Resuable or recyclable items get distributed to agencies that accept and reuse these materials. The program has helped educate our parish about items that can be recycled or reused instead of thrown away. It also helps us diminish our waste so we can preserve creation, helping all God’s children enjoy its beauty and live long, healthy lives.