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Our Just Wages Recognize The Dignity Of Work

We have committeed to paying all our employees a self-sufficient wage so they can meet their families' needs without assistance. We live out core moral and spiritual values from Catholic Social Teaching by paying a just wage to our employees. Responding to new guidelines from the St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) Voice of the Poor Committee, our Altanta branch of SVdP has committed to pay all our employees a”self-sufficient wage”—which is a wage which provides the income necessary to meet basic needs without public subsidies or private assistance. Our just wage policy helps us to send a tangible message to all of our employees about how much we value their work and contribution to the mission of our organization, and recognize our responsibility to ensure that they can adequately provide for their families' needs. Our workers feel more dedicated and committed, a feeling of goodwill and value has spread in the workplace, and they are better able to care for their families. We made this change because we recognize the dignity of every human being and the dignity of work.