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Advocacy Helps Students Live Faith That Does Justice

Our students work to change unjust structures by participating in frequent visits to discuss issues of concern with legislators. We help our students to live out a commitment to Faith that does Justice. At the Creighton Center for Service and Justice, we help students reflect on their experiences in service and immersion, learn about the root causes of issues, and work to change structures of oppression that perpetuate injustice and suffering. Legislative advocacyprovides an opportunity for students to act. Three times a year, about 65 of our students visit legislators to discuss issues such as migration, sustainability, economic justice, access to education, and peace and non-violence. On these advocacy trips, we rely on the guidance of trusted partners such as the USCCB and the Ignatian Solidarity Network. Currently, we are working to gain support for a state-level bill that would allow for Deferred Action individuals to receive driver's licenses. Such opportunities help our students truly live out their commitment to faith that does justice.